Aurora Borealis – Norðurljós

On the first of January I got a message from a friend saying that there was a great northern lights forecast. I decided not to be too excited because I didn’t want it to turn into a disappointment. But well, it didn’t. It turned out to be the greatest northern lights show I’ve seen so far. Still, I look forward to see it many times more and even bigger and beautiful than this was. Northern lights above Goðafoss or Jökulsárlón would be nice 😉

Nytjamarkaðurinn Selfossi

Integrating into a new country, a new society is not the easiest thing to do. Many times I have wondered about how to meet people, how to make new friends. For a while I was thinking about taking dance or cooking classes but that I could only start once i’ve moved. I did not want to wait that long.

Suddenly out of the blue I saw a call for volunteers for a second-hand shop in Selfoss. I did not doubt this for a second. Overenthusiastic I wrote an e-mail to Rhiannon. Very quickly I got an answer. I was welcome to go there.

Today I am still thankful that I stumbled on that add and was recieved with open arms. I have volunteered there a few times now and i’m planning to do so as long as I can. The ‘family’ of Nytjamarkaðurinn makes moving to Selfoss a bit more easy for me.

Not enough people know about the great things they do there. So I would like to invite you to check out their facebookpage or visit the store if you’re living nearby.